Brillocco is an extra dry sparkling wine produced from Negroamaro grapes grown in the Guagnano countryside. In the name of this sparkling wine we can already find the identity and its spirit or that of giving moments of light-heartedness and escapism, perhaps spending a nice evening with friends. The grapes harvested in the last week of September are harvested and taken to the cellar where they are de-stemmed and crushed. The pressing is soft, and after clarification at a controlled temperature the must is decanted to clean it from the dregs and finally brought into an autoclave for fermentation and foaming, all at a temperature of about 12 ° C.

This extra dry sparkling wine has a fine perlage with a soft and abundant froth that can also be admired in the glass. the color is straw yellow elegantly enriched by greenish reflections in the glass. On the nose it is fruity, with primary hints of apple and pineapple, and later on you can also perceive aromas of tropical fruit such as mango, banana and passion fruit. The taste is delicate, harmonious and extremely balanced. The structure given the starting vine is good and the good acidity combined with carbon dioxide gives a pleasant tickling sensation in the mouth. This sparkling wine has an incredible finish on the finish.

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