72100 Cantine Risveglio

Negroamaro IGP Salento

72100 Negroamaro IGP Salento is a red wine of Salento produced by Cantine Risveglio. The name derives from the postal code of Brindisi, a choice that emphasizes the importance of creating wines with a territorial and local imprint. This extraordinary wine is made from 100% Negroamaro grapes that come from vineyards with an age of about 60 years. The vineyards produce about 60 quintals of grapes of the highest quality.

The vines are cultivated with the traditional Apulian sapling technique and grow on medium-textured soils at an altitude of about 20 meters. above sea level. Located near the Giancola” area of community importance and the “Cillarese” reservoir, the vineyards are located a few hundred meters from the sea, facing south-west. The harvest is late and is done manually in the first ten days of October. The vinification takes place after the manual selection of the grapes and the classic destemming. Maceration and fermentation take 15/20 days at a controlled temperature in truncated conical steel tanks. This is followed by a rest and aging of 4 months in truncated conical French oak vats (Allier) of 50 Hl. Finally, the wine rests for a few months in the bottle before being put on the market.

72100 Salento’s negroamaro weighs in the glass with a brilliant ruby red color. The nose is intense, complex, and fine with strong hints of red fruit and then an incredible mix of spices. In the mouth, it is warm, soft, intense, and harmonious. It expresses a good freshness, acidity, and a tannicity typical of negroamaro with a fairly long and persistent finish.

72100 Negroamaro IGP Salento. Pairings

72100 IGP Salento goes perfectly with rustic dishes or sober and essential dishes.


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