Primitivo di Manduria DOP

ACINI SPARGOLI Primitivo di Manduria DOP from Antico Palmento winery is a red wine produced by in the area of Manduria (Taranto, Puglia_Italy).

This wine takes its name from a typical conformation of the grapes of the bunch which are well spaced and do not put pressure on each other. This allows the bunch – and the single grapes – to develop and ripen freely and faster by concentrating the sugars more and allowing a greater accumulation in the grain of all those chemical substances that will characterize the aromas and aromas of the wine. ACINI SPARGOLI is, therefore, already, in essence, a wine of excellence produced by Bruno Garofano, one of the leading experts of Primitivo di Manduria in the world.

Production and characteristics

This Primitivo di Manduria is born from grapes produced from 40-year-old sapling plants. The harvest takes place in the first ten days of September. The grapes are harvested manually and placed in cases. The maceration of the skins is carried out for about 7-8 days in traditional vitrified “fermenters”, with the start of fermentation using indigenous yeasts and subsequent inoculation of selected yeasts to complete the fermentation to the end. This is followed by racking, completion of the alcoholic fermentation, and aging for 10 months in the third or fourth passage Allier barriques. The wine then continues to mature in steel and, finally, the evolution continues for 6 months in the bottle before being released for consumption.

ACINI SPARGOLI is a classic Salento’s red wine. It has an imposing body and structure, high alcohol content but with a skillfully dosed power to find an incredible balance between strength and elegance. The color is an intense ruby red. The aromas are typical of the Salento Primitivo: very fruity, of ripe fruit, blackberries, cherries, jam. In the mouth, it is majestic, rich, with a high but not excessive alcohol content. The slight passage in wood gives a slightly more complex tannin but which is well balanced with respect to the characteristics of the wine. A warm, persuasive wine to be enjoyed in special moments, with good company and accompanied by the joy of speaking at the table.

This Primitivo di Manduria is produced in limited quantities. It is, therefore, an exclusive wine but it offers everyone the opportunity to experience a fantastic emotion at an absolutely affordable price compared to the quality it has.

ACINI SPARGOLI Primitivo di Manduria. Pairings

This Primitivo di Manduria goes well with full-bodied first and second courses. Traditional Apulian and Salento dishes. With second courses of red meat and game.

To learn more about this company, continue on the page dedicated to the Antico Palmento winery.


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