AKA Charme is a sparkling wine produced by Produttori di Manduria (Taranto_Puglia).

AKA Charme Primitivo Rosè is a wine born from the great success of AKA rosé Primitvo and with the intuition of the potential that Primitivo di Manduria can also have in a sparkling wine.

This charmat method is produced in a limited edition of 13000 bottles from primitive grapes carefully selected and harvested in the countryside of Manduria. After the manual harvest of the grapes which takes place in the last ten days of August, they are selected and vinified in white with direct transfer to the pneumatic press, where thanks to the skill and experience of the winemaker, the magic of the delicate extraction of the coral pink color takes place brilliant, which is the trademark of AKA Rosato and rosé made in Salento. The white vinification allows to preserve, and enhance all the freshness, the fruity hints and the typical scents of the Primitivo, all with a final yield not exceeding 50%. After pressing, the rosé must is sent to primary fermentation which is carried out with a controlled temperature that varies between 14 and 17 ° C. The maturation of the must continues in steel with contact on the fine lees until the end of October. Subsequently the fermented wine is transferred to the autoclave for secondary fermentation, in which the second fermentation takes place. Finally, the wine ages for about 5 months on the lees before being destined for the bottle and the market.

AKA Charme Primitivo Rosè comes in the glass with a deep pink color, bright and intense, and with a fine, elegant and smooth carbon texture. The nose presents itself with good intensity, showing the classic hints of Primitivo as ripe red fruits, and spring floral notes, then closes with a strong bread crust. In the mouth it is acid, effervescent, sapid, fresh, stimulating and fragrant with a finish that softens and caresses the mouth.

Pairings: perfect as an aperitif and to brighten all convivial moments, while at the table it perfectly matches with a rich cruditè of scampi, prawns and Salento sushi, with amberjack carpaccio, snapper and tuna tartare. Try it with the freshest sea urchins and why not with a warm eggplant parmigiana.

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