AKA Rosato IGP is a wine produced by the Produttori di Manduria (Taranto_Puglia/Italy).

AKA Rosato is made from Primitive grapes harvested by hand from 20-40-year-old vineyards planted with Apulian sapling on medium-textured calcareous-tuffaceous soils, located in the Manduria area. The vinification is done in red and partly with the grape harvest at the end of August. After the soft harvesting and crushing of the grapes, the hat is lifted for 12 hours. Thermo-conditioning of the fermentation process in stainless steel vats follows. The wine continues with aging in the bottle.

AKA Rosato IGP An organoleptic examination shows a coral-pink, crystalline color that anticipates the good structure of the wine. The perfume is characterized by a fragrant fruity that expresses, with marked intensity, hints of red apple, fresh wild strawberries and raspberry. On the palate, the taste is dry and gives a pleasant pseudo-caloric sensation. It is soft with a note of perceptible freshness and prolonged taste-olfactory persistence.

Pairing: perfect in the summer with fish appetitizers and first and second dishes of the traditional seafood preparation of Salento

Weight1.3 kg

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