ALEATICO Salice Salentino

Dolce naturale DOP Candido

Is a naturally sweet red wine. Salice Salentino DOC Aleatico dolce is one of the Puglia’s DOC. This Apulian DOC is characterized by wines that have a more or less intense garnet red color and orange reflections. On the nose, they are sweet and delicate. On the palate, they are full-bodied and mellow.

ALEATICO is produced from Aleatico grapes grown in the countryside of San Donaci (Brindisi, Puglia_Italy) with the typical Apulian sapling system. The production of wine starts from the maceration of the grapes and the juice which takes place at a controlled temperature. Subsequently, the fermentation of the must is interrupted with repeated decanting to remove the yeasts. Aging takes place in the wood.

This natural sweet wine produced by Candido is a bright crimson red wine, tending to orange with age. It is characterized by fine muscat aromas with a wide, full, moderately sweet taste on a good acid-base. It has an intense and persistent aroma with hints of coffee, red berries, and balsamic notes. On the palate, it is very pleasant and pleasantly velvety. A semi-dry, sweet, warm, and savory taste.

Salice Salentino DOC, pairings

Ideal as a wine to accompany desserts. Ideal with dry pastries. Finally, it also goes well with blue cheeses.


To learn more about this company, continue on the page dedicated to the Candido winery.

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