ALICE Verdeca IGP Salento is a wine produced by the Manduria Wine Producers Consortium (Taranto_Puglia).

ALICE Verdeca is born from Verdeca grapes harvested manually in the last decade of September from 15-20 year old vineyards cultivated espalier on medium-textured limestone-tuff soils, located in an area north of Manduria. The vinification is carried out in white with thermoconditioning of the fermentation process at 15° followed by an aging of the wine in stainless steel vats and then the wine continues with a refinement in the bottle.

ALICE Verdeca at an organoleptic examination it presents a deep straw yellow color and a perfume that reveals surprising notes of white flowers mixed with citrus and fruity hints, among which pear and pineapple stand out. In the mouth the flavor is enveloping and at the same time rightly fresh and mineral.

Pairings: its strong personality allows combinations with savory seafood dishes such as grilled fish, soups and stews, fried and roasted crustaceans.

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