Altura Negroamaro rosé IGP Salento is a rosé wine produced by the Lucio Leuci winery in Guagnano in the province of Lecce (Puglia, Italy) in the middle of Salento, in one of the most important wine-growing areas of Puglia and Italy. The rosé obtained from negroamaro grapes is a wine of the Salento tradition, the wine par excellence. Rosé is the wine that has been produced in this region of southern Italy since the dawn of time. It was a wine considered so important that it was destined for the Lecce nobility. Salento’s rosé is produced with the classic and traditional technique of “Lacrima” or “bloodletting“, to put it in French.

The negroamaro grapes used to produce this great rosé wine are produced to 30/40-year-old vines grown in the countryside of Guagnano. The espalier technique is used for a total production of 4800 plants per hectare.

The harvest begins in the last week of September with a manual harvest of the grapes carried out at the first light of dawn when the temperature is not yet high. The harvested grapes are placed in wooden boxes. The harvest is followed by de-stemming and then a long maceration on the skins for the whole night. Lacrimation is done by draining in a soft press and controlling the temperature of the must at 15 ° C. This allows collecting only the free-run must or only 20-25% of all the liquid fraction of the must, which constitutes the best part and more valuable. Alcoholic fermentation at controlled temperature follows, carried out in stainless steel. The wine then rests in the bottle for a month.

This rosé wine from Salento shows itself in the glass with the classic and elegant coral pink color, bright slightly dull, with a small hint of orange. The nose is rich, delicate, complex. The scents are of fresh fruit such as cherries, peaches, apricots and then chamomile flowers, bergamot and a very light sensation of fresh mint. In the mouth, it is dry, fresh, rightly acid, round. A wine that makes the balance between freshness and structure – given by the tannin of the negroamaro always perceptible in the mouth – its main characteristic. ALTURA is a consistent wine, an elegant and powerful complex fleshy rosé.

Altura Negroamaro rosé pairing

Recommended with light first courses, aperitifs, and fish-based dishes. Also ideal with second courses of grilled red and white meats.


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