Amure is a white wine produced by Claudio Quarta vignaiolo from Fiano grapes (93%) whose name derives from “Apianum”, because it is a favorite grape of bees. Known in Irpinia, where it gives rise to Fiano di Avellino, the presence of this grape variety with small berries is testified in much of southern Italy, particularly in Puglia. For the remaining 7%, the wine is made with Manzoni Bianco grapes, a blend obtained by Professor Luigi Manzoni from the cross between Riesling Renano and Pinot Bianco, during a series of experiments conducted in the 1930s. The vines are grown with the breeding system guyot on medium-textured soil, tending to loose, with abundant presence of skeleton. The grapes are harvested between the first and second ten days of August, through a mechanized grape harvester, between night and the first light of dawn so that the low temperature prevents a spontaneous start of fermentation. The final yield is around 90 quintals / ha.

The vinification takes place starting from the grapes that have just been picked are softly pressed in a pneumatic press. Fermentation is induced in the must with selected yeasts and subjected to a careful temperature control (17-18 °C) and finally the aging in steel follows.

Amure presents itself in the glass with a bright greenish/straw yellow color. On the nose a harmony of pear, white flowers and citrus fruits. On the palate it is fresh and pleasant with a soft finish of white pulp fruit.

Pairings: Ideal with fish, pasta and white risotto, eggs and omelette with aromatic herbs

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