Armècolo is a wine produced by the Castel di Salve winery starting from the Negroamaro and black Malvasia vines of Lecce cultivated with the espalier training system located in the vineyards of “Masseria Bosco Belvedere” in the countryside of Supersano in the south of Salento. The number of plants per hectare is around 4100-5200 with an average annual production of around 70 quintals/ha. This wine has the classic structure of one of the most famous blands of Salento, namely the Salice Salentino DOP with 80% negroamaro but is configured as an IGP wine not being produced in the reference area of ​​the Salice appellation.

The harvest is carried out towards the end of September with a manual harvest in wooden boxes. The harvest is followed by de-stemming and for the negroamaro a cold pre-fermentation maceration on the skins at 5 ° C for 6 days, fermentation at a controlled temperature with maceration on the skins for about 10 days. While the black Malvasia of Lecce is worked with a fermentation at a controlled temperature with maceration on the skins for about 10 days. The wine ends its production process with a malolactic fermentation which is followed by an aging in steel for 8 months. Finally the wine matures with a further refinement in bottle for 4 months.

Armècolo has a beautiful bright and bright ruby ​​red color in the glass, with an intense aroma of red-skinned fruit, currant, raspberry, ripe cherry, with floral notes of hawthorn on the nose. In the mouth it is full, harmonious, fresh and persistent.

Pairing: Perfect to combine with pappardelle with wild boar sauce, or with cooked meats with tomato sauces or with boiled meat and baked lamb.

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