BARONE PAZZO is an important red wine produced by the Vetrère farm starting from 100% primitivo grapes, an ancient Salento vine, which has always been used for the production of red wines especially in the northern part of Salento and grown in spalier and partly in sapling Apulian in the territory of Montemesola in the land owned by the company at an altitude of 30 meters above sea level

The harvest begins in the third week of September with a manual harvest through wooden boxes, which is followed by a further manual selection of the grapes and then the pressing, the destemming, the static clarification, and finally the fermentation in steel vats at a controlled temperature. . The wine then rests in new barriques for 12 months and then ends its refinement process in the bottle for the period necessary before entering the market.

This particular wine is presented in a colored glass of a lively ruby ​​red, with luminous and brilliant flashes. A nose in which fruity aromas of undergrowth stand out, including currant, blackberry and blueberry, and then also hints of plum, and spices such as cloves and nutmeg and finally, sweet floral notes of violet. Barone Pazzo is a wine that does not show muscles like many of its counterparts in northern Salento, but is more delicate, hermetic, rigorous. A wine that knows how to seduce for its elegance and its balance, with an acidity and tannins that you do not expect in a primitivo of Salento.

Pairing: to be paired with pasta dishes with meat sauces, grilled meats, hard and semi-hard cheeses.

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