Bocca di Lupo is a great red wine produced by Tormaresca with Aglianico grapes in organically cultivated vineyards on the Bocca di Lupo estate in Minervino Murge (Ba). The grapes are harvested in the second decade of October. After crushing, fermentation took place in stainless steel tanks at a temperature not exceeding 25-27 ° C. The maceration, managed with gentle pumping over and delèstage in order to perform a gradual and balanced extraction, was continued for 15-18 days. After racking the wine is passed directly into oak barrels, mainly French, where it underwent malolactic fermentation, remaining 15 months before being bottled. A further 24 months of aging in bottle followed.

Bocca di Lupo is characterized by a dark ruby ​​red color. It has a broad and intense aroma in which notes of red fruit, sweet spices and cinchona follow each other in order, with pleasant balsamic notes on the finish. The palate releases a properly tannic flavor, of great structure, balance and softness, with an extremely persistent finish. To be served at a temperature of 20 ° C.

Weight1.3 kg

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