The BRUT Classic Method Riserva Nobile D’Araprì is the most typical product, obtained exclusively from Bombino Bianco grapes, a native vine that the Casa d’Araprì has successfully tested as a base wine suitable for being sparkling with the classic method. The technique of the first fermentation in wood gives the RN a sparkling gold color, a rich aroma of ripe fruit and a hint of vanilla. The taste sensations are savory, full and complex.

It is produced from a blend of two prestigious blends, only Bombino bianco indigenous grapes grown in the Contrada San Biase area on clayey-calcareous soil, on a slight slope with a South South-West exposure, and 80-100 meters. above sea level. and is grown with the classic technique of the Capitanata territories, the Apulian pergola with a density of 2000 plants per hectare.

The final yield is about 100-120 quintals per hectare, about 3-4 kg per vine while the harvest time is at the second decade of September bombino bianco, with manual harvesting and selection of the grapes. The Brut Riserva Nobile D’Araprì is handcrafted in the cellar with a second fermentation in the bottle that takes place thanks to the expeditionè liquer.

Each bottle remains in contact with the yeasts for a minimum of 36 months away from light and drafts and shocks, at a temperature of 13°C, in the basement of our ancient cellar. Degorgement: a la glace manually, with the addition of the dosage syrup, about two months before marketing.

In the glass it shows a clear and crystalline golden color, with a subtle perlage and beautiful verve. The nose feels an intense bouquet of enveloping elegance, with tones of butter pastry that blend with a strong fruit of anans and banana and a hint of vanilla. In the mouth it is full and complex, with a full and dynamic palate, but at the same time full of body and volume, with an unforgettable taste pleasure. Perfect interpretation of the Araprì style that enhances the characteristics of the vintage.

Pairings: To be preferred on grilled fish and important cheeses, it highlights its particular characteristics on delicious Mediterranean specialties and with savory dishes typical of the Daunia.

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