Caminante is a wine produced by the Cantina Supersanum  from Negroamaro grapes grown in the countryside of Ruffano (LE), at an altitude of 108 m/above sea level. In summer, during the grape ripening period, thanks to the presence of a rather steep plateau locally called “Madonna della Serra” which covers the sun 2 hours before sunset, there is a temperature range of 10 ° -15 ° C, developing a consistent presence of polyphenols on the bunch. The soil is made up of the classic red soil of Salento, colored and characterized by a considerable abundance of iron and aluminum hydroxides, clay minerals (especially illite and kaolinite) with an abundant presence of organic matter.

The vineyard that produces the negroamaro grapes used to give life to Caminante has a “spurred cordon” training system, on it is practiced a spontaneous controlled grassing, fertilization is carried out with earthworm humus in the autumn period. The use of copper metal is limited to less than 400 grams per hectare / year, antagonistic microorganisms are used for other phytosanitary treatments. Sulfur has not been used for several years and therefore the final product is a wine with a very intense taste-olfactory richness. The final production is very low, about 35 q/ha but obviously depends on the reference year.

During the harvest the grapes are harvested by hand in the early morning and then placed in 20 kg perforated crates and taken to the cellar where the crushing and destemming is carried out, where then follows a maceration on the skins for 3 days at a controlled temperature. After a soft squeezing, fermentation continues for 16 days at a temperature of 20-25 ° C. After racking, the wine concludes its production phase by refining on its fine lees for 2 months in a stainless steel silos, after racking the maturation is completed for 5 months in the silos and for 6 months in the bottle at a cellar temperature of 10 ° -18 ° C.

Caminante is an authentic expression of the negroamaro of the lower Salento, and even if its organoleptic characteristics change from year to year and strongly depend on the characteristics of the vintage, it is almost always possible to recognize the characteristics of its original vine with intense aromas of red fruit, spice and licorice. In the mouth it is rich, indomitable, enveloping and with a really important tannic structure.

Pairing: To be paired with grilled meat, or on pork braises and on pieces of horse with sauce.

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