CANDÒRA Chardonnay IGP Salento from the winery Schola Sarmenti in Nardò (Lecce_Puglia), is a white wine produced from Chardonnay grapes of vineyards that have an average age of 15 years raised to espalier. The grapes are harvested by hand and gently stored in small aerated boxes to preserve their integrity. Then, in the cellar, they are further selected on a modern sorting table to ensure the use of only the best bunches. Finally, it follows the maturation that takes place in steel at a controlled temperature.

CANDÒRA Chardonnay has an intense aroma, in a context of great harmony. There is a fascinating aromatic journey undertaken by fresh floral fragrances that leave room for notes of exotic fruit and very light vanilla spice. The taste continues proudly in the dry, full and velvety taste that goes off in an enveloping and exciting finish. A wine of great character and long persistence. The color is bright and deep yellow.

Pairings Candòra Chardonnay

Candòra is a wine that goes perfectly with seafood appetizers, first and second courses of fish, second courses of white meats, vegetables, fresh and blue cheeses.

Candòra_ Opinions of the Experts

Candora Chardonnay Salento 2008 obtained 87 points on WineEnthusiast.


To learn more about this company, continue on the page dedicated to the Schola Sarmenti winery.

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