Cerasa takes its name from the typical color of the rosé Cerasuolo, cherry color, called precisely in the Salento dialect “Cerasa”. This wine is dedicated to the founder that the art of winemaking in pink had made it a philosophy of life transferred to us children. For all lovers of rosé, a unique product of Salento wine excellence.

Cerasa is produced from Negroamaro grapes grown on clayey and calcareous soils of medium texture. Negroamaro selected grapes, cultivated in the Prandico vineyard, part. n. 27, in Agro di Alezio (LE). The final yield is 60 quintals of grapes per hectare with an average production of 10,000 bottles per year.

The harvest starts in the first part of September and is carried out entirely by hand with the collection of the bunches in wooden boxes. The vinification takes place with the traditional technique “a Lacrima”. The grapes are left to macerate for about 16-18 hours depending on the maturation and therefore the color. At the time of racking only the maximum 25-30% is destined to the production of Cerasa. Exclusively the best part, the limpid one with a coral pink color obtained from the Alzata del Cappello, is used for fermentation at a controlled temperature of about 18 °. The duration of fermentation is about 10 days and, once completed, the product is transferred, for a period of 5/6 months, for a 20% in small French oak barrels of 225 liters, and for an 80% in tanks stainless steel. At the end of the refinement, the two parts are assembled and left to rest for the right amount of time before bottling.

Cerasa has a color: intense coral pink, brilliant. The nose releases an intense bouquet, a memory of cherries and fresh, delicate fruit. The taste is soft, elegant and with a good persistent fruity flavor.


Important fish dishes, Mediterranean cuisine, where there is the presence of tomatoes, peppers, anchovies, capers and olives. White meat. Its structure and its characteristics make it appreciable even over the years.

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