Cisaria Negroamaro Rosè is the only wine produced with Primitivo grapes in Salento that can boast thanks to the Rottenberg certification of the title of יינות כשרים Kosher for Passover and is also a יינות מבושל Mevushal wine or rather suitable to be served by non-Jews.

Kosher wine must respect the dietary rules established by the Torah, interpreted by exegesis in the Talmud and codified in the Shulkan Aruk. Kosher foods, however, are not only synonymous with a meal suitable for consumption by practitioners of the Jewish religion, but also foods considered more reliable, controlled and of better quality.

Kosher wines, in fact, are the ideal choice also for vegetarians, vegans, for those suffering from food intolerances or for those who simply want to be sure of eating a safe and healthy product. The reason is certainly due to the obligation to use only certified raw materials suitable for the production of kosher wine and great attention to hygiene and external contamination that the constant controls at every stage of the production process guarantee with the final release of the stringent Kosher certification

Cisaria Rosato Negroamaro is a wine produced from Negroamaro grapes harvested in the second decade of September with manual harvesting of the grapes, cultivated with the espalier and spurred cordon system in the countryside of Guagnano. De-stemming followed directly by draining in a soft press with control of the must temperature at 14 ° C. Before being bottled, the wine undergoes a flash pasteurization treatment at 86 ° C and immediate reduction of the temperature to 20 ° C.

This rosé wine is a pale pink wine with orange reflections that has a strong note of red fruits on the nose and with a characteristic note of freshness, flavor and acidity typical of the Negroamaro grape. Cisaria is a balanced and pleasant to drink wine, suitable for grilled red and white meats, light first courses, aperitifs and fish dishes. It is recommended to taste at a serving temperature between 10 ° C and 12 ° C.

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