Colonie Greche is the first organic wine produced from negroamaro grapes from the San Donaci winery. The grapes come from vineyards with very low yields, aged between 40 and 60 years, cultivated with the traditional and ancient Apulian sapling system in the countryside of San Donaci. Fantastic and classic and original expression of the grape symbol of Salento, Colonie Greche is a young, impetuous wine, with a strong character, which knows how to give strong emotions.

The grapes used for the production of this great negroamaro are harvested by hand in the period between the end of September and the first week of October to obtain a complete phenolic ripeness. Once destemmed, the grapes complete a long fermentation maceration at a controlled temperature of 3 weeks before moving into steel silos after racking. Before being put on sale, the wine rests for a couple of months in steel containers and for one month in the bottle.

The color of this negroamaro in the glass is a clear, brilliant, vivid carmine red. The nose is strong, pungent at times, with light hints of red fruits such as blackberry and black cherry and cherry, and a stronger spicy impact with notes of black pepper, cloves and sweet paprika. In the mouth the wine is dry, pleasantly acid and enveloping in the first part of the palate, never excessive, it gives a long, persistent and slightly bitter finish, as negroamaro should be.

Pairings: this negroamaro wine is ideal for succulent dishes, such as roasted meat and game, braised and boiled. To be tried in summer, slightly cooler, in combination with pieces of horse, or with the classic Salento pignata octopus.

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