CRE’ is a white wine produced by the Vetrère farm starting from 100% minutolo grapes, an ancient Apulian aromatic vine, between Fiano and Malvasia bianca, grown in a spalier in the territory of Montemesola in the land owned by the company at an altitude of 20 meters above sea level

The harvest begins in the first week of September with a mechanical harvest, which is followed by destemming and soft pressing. It continues with fermentation in steel at a controlled temperature, and finally the wine rests for a few months permanently on the lees. A static clarification follows and finally the wine matures for another 2 months in the bottle.

This particular wine has intense, straight, fragrant aromas in the glass, with a concentrate of fresh flowers and light hints of raisins and candied fruit. In the mouth it offers absolute cleanliness. It slips persuasively thanks to a good acidity and flavor. In the middle of the palate it is enveloping and in the finish it tickles with grace. A brilliant and very fresh finish that makes it really very drinkable. Overall very balanced and medium dry.

Pairing: Oysters and shellfish, white fish and sushi, spaghetti with bottarga or with sea urchins. Desserts with a strong sugary presence.

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