DICA 33 Negroamaro IGT Salento is a red wine produced by Vito Marulli winemaker in the Cantina Marulli of Copertino. A wine that has a particular history, in fact, it is made from Negroamaro grapes and subjected to a treatment based on natural frequencies – harmonic natural Freman method.

This method was designed and patented by Maestro Beppe Vessicchio, Dr Michele Carone and Andrea Rizzoli. This treatment allows the wine to evolve, managing to express both at an olfactory level and at an organoleptic level. A sensory gustatory explosion is obtained which places this Negroamaro in a unique and unrepeatable characteristic dimension. DICA 33 is obtained from grapes grown on average 30-year-old vines in the area of ​​Copertino owned by the company. Manual harvesting begins around the third decade of September. A red vinification follows with the must that remains in maceration for 6/7 days. The fermentation temperature is kept constant around 24/26 ° C. The process ends with the refinement of the wine in steel tanks followed by the music – harmonic treatment.

DICA 33 is a young, intense, exciting wine that presents itself to a first visual examination with a bright ruby ​​red color, brilliant, impenetrable with hints of purple. The nose is vinous, with heady scents of plum, plum and blackberry followed by a slight shade of violet followed by spicy notes of black pepper, liquorice and tobacco typical of Negroamaro. In the mouth, it is dynamic, structured, round, marked by an extreme freshness.

Weight 1.3 kg

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