DICIOTTO Primitivo by Schola Sarmenti winery is an exclusive, precious, limited-edition red wine. A wine produced from 80-year-old vines bred with the traditional and ancient method of the Apulian sapling. 80 years of history that flow in the sap of the oldest plants of the Schola Sarmenti vineyards. From a patient green pruning that limits its production in the name of an absolute quality, this Primitivo is born. DICIOTTO is a valiant expression of precious land and fruit of skilful, loving and loving hands.

The grapes are hand-picked and gently placed in small ventilated boxes to preserve their integrity. Subsequently, in the cellar, they undergo a further selection on a modern sorting table. Then we move on to controlled temperature vinification. This is followed by aging where the wine ages for 14 months in new French oak tonneaux, medium toasting. Finally, 10 months of further aging in the bottle.

DICIOTTO Primitivo has aromas that reach the nose with dizzying depth, and invest with heady scents of red fruits and a balsamic gust with intriguing sensations of toasted fruit and intense accents of spicy notes. In the mouth, an aromatic velvet wraps the palate in an unexpected vortex of sensations. The elegant harmony brings souls back to reality, where vigorous tannins can expand with absolute delicacy and without excesses. The finish gives a precious wine that reconciles life.

Weight1.3 kg

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