Divoto Copertino DOP Riserva is one of the most important wines produced by Apollonio Vini, a company with more than 150 years of activity on its shoulders that operates in Monteroni in the heart of Salento. This wine is born from the union of two apparently very different varieties, Negroamaro and Montepulciano, which give life to wines of great longevity suitable for long aging. Negroamaro is a highly versatile vine, rich in tannins that is suitable for all types of winemaking. Montepulciano is a vine grown in a large part of the eastern coast of Italy that has an impressive acidity, which if well dosed, allows it to age superbly.

The grapes that give life to this great Salento red are produced in the area that goes from Monteroni to Copertino, a Salento area with a great wine-growing vocation. The vineyards are located 100 meters above sea level and are cultivated on calcareous soil mixed with clay, with the ancient and traditional Apulian sapling technique. The plants are about 50/60 years old and the planting density is about 2500 plants per hectare with a final yield of about 50 quintals per hectare.

The harvest is carried out manually in the third decade of September, and after the destemming is carried out the traditional fermentation at a controlled temperature (27-28 degrees) and with a floating cap, carried out in large Slavonian oak vats with frequent pumping over. This is followed by a long stay of the must on the skins of about thirty days to extract the maximum of polyphenolic substances and facilitate the start of the subsequent malolactic fermentation in barrique.

Finally the wine continues its way with an aging of 24 months in medium toasted French oak barrels from the area of ​​Jupilles, a town surrounded by the Bercè forest where this extra-fine-grained oak is found, and then for another 6 months in large Slavonian oak barrels of 3000/5000 liters and then finish the maturation with 12 months in the bottle.

Divoto is presented in the glass with an intense ruby ​​red color with garnet reflections. The range of aromas is very wide. The sumptuous and inviting aromas are reminiscent of ripe red fruit, spices such as black pepper and cloves and delicate sensations of coffee. In the mouth it is structured and intense with good body and good tannin. The finish is long, underlined by a persistent fruity note.

Pairing: Grilled red meats, meat pies, lamb, aged cheeses.

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