Fanoi is a sumptuous, important, intriguing wine produced by the Cantele winery starting from primitivo grapes obtained from old plants grown with the ancient and traditional sapling technique which has a very low yield in the face of a very high quality and with younger plants grown with the Apulian spurred cord espalier technique which gives more freshness and acidity. Fanoi is an exclusive wine with a circulation of only about 3000 bottles per year.

The harvest takes place in the second week of September, when the Primitivo grapes reach their maximum phenolic ripeness and undergo a very slight overripeness. This ensures that Fanoi has a remarkable body, structure, power and intensity. The grapes are harvested manually in wooden boxes and then further selected by hand. After destemming, the grapes are pressed and macerated for about 10 days with fermentation in steel which proceeds at a controlled temperature of about 22°C. After malolactic fermentation, the wine is aged for 12 months in French oak barriques and finally continues its aging in the bottle.

Fanoi in the glass shows an intense ruby red color with violet reflections. The nose is wild and impetuous. Black cherry, cassis and mint. Laurel, cumin and sage. Touch of rhubarb and a hint of smoky note. Iron, vetiver and orange from the Gargano area. The mouth is full, enveloping, rich and soft. Fanoi primitivo is a wine with an imposing structure, with acidity that supports a remarkable tannic structure that is never aggressive.

Pairings: perfect to combine with succulent meats such as roasts and braised meats, but it can also be combined with cured meats and long-aged cheeses.

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