FELLONE is the Primitivo PGI Salento produced by the Agricola Felline in Manduria. This wine takes its name from a legendary King of Felline, who ruled the city in pre-Christian times. The story goes that this city stood near Manduria and then mysteriously eclipsed during the Middle Ages. Fellone is produced from a selection of primitive grapes grown on red earth soils characteristic of Salento and ripens more than completely thanks to the hot Salento sun. The perfect soil and climatic conditions of the Salento peninsula make the grapes grow and mature without the addition of pesticides and allow given the perfect health of the grapes to work in the cellar without the use of chemicals and antifungicides that would inevitably alter their quality.

This wine is produced with the classic red vinification with a temperature controlled maceration between 6 and 8 days. Followed by alcoholic fermentation and aging for 12 months in French oak barrels.

Fellone shows a deep color, impenetrable with the classic violet hues, toasted notes on the nose, coffee, red fruit, and in the mouth it is warm, round, enveloping but above all free from aggressive tannins.

Pairing: it is recommended to combine with game, dried fruit and aged cheeses.

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