The Fiano e Bianco d’Alessano is a wine produced from two native vines that have been revalued by Masseria Jorche with the vines that grow in exceptional soils based on red earth rich in iron oxides on layers of sandstone located in the area of Torricella in the heart of Manduria.

The age of the plants is 8 years and they are grown with a spurred cordon training system. The final production per hectare is equivalent to about 110 ql. The harvest is carried out in mid-September with a manual harvest of the grapes in a wooden box, followed by crushing and soft pressing, followed by static clarification and fermentation at a controlled temperature. The final wine yield is about 65%. When fermentation is complete, the wine rests and ages for 3 months in barrique and finally for several years in the bottle.

This wonderful white wine is presented in the glass with a straw yellow color with a hint of golden reflections. The nose is floral, fruity with fresh flowers, chamomile, oregano, honey and citrus. In the mouth it is measured, composed, very delicate. Balanced and delicate wine with not a great acidity, but for an aromatic grape like Fiano it is quite obvious. The finish is ethereal but with a persistence that gives a lot of flavor and length.

Pairing: Perfect with porcini risotto but also perfect with vegetables in oil, first courses, large fried fish, raw seafood such as oysters, mussels and sea urchins.

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