FILIFILORI is a red wine produced with Negroamaro grapes by Francesco Taurino Sas. FILIFILORI in Salento dialect means “from father to son”. And already in the name, there is the whole program of this purebred Negroamaro.

A wine produced precisely by Francesco Taurino, son of the great Cosimo Taurino, one of the most important figures of Salentine oenology together with Severino Garofano. The fame of Negroamaro in the world is owed to Cosimo Taurino as the first exporter of Negroamaro wine in America. Francesco Taurino has chosen to follow in his father’s footsteps with this new label that embodies the character of the Salento vine of choice. A strong, powerful wine, extremely intimate and elegant in its opening little by little. It is an intriguing wine, sometimes shy, but as soon as you start to taste it to the full it wins you over with its complicated simplicity.

This 100% Negroamaro is produced from Apulian sapling plants grown in the countryside of Guagnano. The harvest is carried out after a brief withering on the plant and the hand-picked grapes are selected before proceeding to maceration which does not last less than a week. Fermentation takes place in stainless steel silos and the wine, once all the enological steps have been completed, rests for about 3 months in barrique.

The nose is rightly scented with hints of Mediterranean scrub and an idea of ​​blackberries and myrtle. In the mouth, it is enveloping, round, full, persuasive with tannins that arrive tapered gently and persist in the mouth along with an uncommon acidity creating a great appeal to the re-appearance. The finish is balanced, long, persistent, powerful and warm.


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