GALATINA Rosato DOC of Cantina Fiorentino in Galatina (Lecce_Puglia/Italy). It is an organic rosé wine produced from Negroamaro grapes produced in the countryside of Galatina. Traditionally, rosé wine has always been one of the most important wines produced in this area. The Negroamaro has always been the vine par excellence used in the Salento culture to produce the best rosé wines.

GALATINA Rosé of Negroamaro winery is produced with grapes grown on loose medium-textured soils. The vine training system is a spurred cordon with a yield of 80 ql per hectare and a total production of about 10,000 bottles/year. Vinification is a vinification in red with maceration and a controlled temperature fermentation. The wine is then aged in steel and in bottles.

This rosé from the typical colour of rosé wines of Salento. It presents a remarkable freshness and acidity. The nose is complex, rich and with echoes of cherry and orange. In the mouth, it is very fresh and tasty.


GALATINA Rosato is an excellent accompaniment for Mediterranean tomato-based dishes. Aperitif, appetizers and first courses of fish (if served fresh), appetizers and first courses of meat (if drunk at a higher temperature).


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