GRATICCIAIA Negroamaro Salento IGP red wine from Agricole Vallone based in Lecce (Puglia). GRATICCIAIA is the symbol of the Salento Negroamaro in the world, produced only in particular years and in very limited quantities. Considered by many to be the best expression of the Salento Negroamaro.

GRATICCIAIA arises from a careful selection of Negroamaro grapes from an old sapling-grown vineyard. The grapes first brought to maturity, are then left to dry on racks. The name of the wine derives from the ‘Graticciaia’, the loft where the light mats made with woven and wicker canes are placed. When the withering is completed the grapes go to the vinification. The physiological processes that occur in the grape and the fermentation of the must in late autumn (when the ambient temperature is lower) lead to a completely different evolution compared to traditional vinification. The wine aged in French oak barrels. The temperature of the must is strictly regulated throughout the slow fermentation process and aging is carried out in small wooden barrels.

GRATICCIAIA Negroamaro has a dark ruby ​​red color, with garnet, brilliant nuances. On the nose, the aroma is complex with hints of withered fruits and liquorice, pleasantly spicy. Well structured, warm, elegant with notes of tobacco and dried fruit and vanilla. In the mouth, it is perceived a very pleasant evolution of flavors that are expressed with elegance and balance.

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