Heos is a wine produced by the Castello Monaci winery from Fiano and Mocatello Selvatico grapes produced from vineyards located in the area around Salice Salentino.

Moscatello Selvatico is a native Apulian vine recovered by the owner of the company Luigi Seracca Guerrieri Gonzaga starting from 2008 starting from some old slips found on the estate planted by his grandfather in the 40s and replanted by us as a sapling on a light red soil in the highest fee of the company. The yields are very low, 40 q/ha of grapes, and give fullness but also a perfect acid shoulder to give verve and elegance to this white wine. With berries sprinkled with brown spots, the bunch is sparse, a characteristic imported for withering on the plant, “which in particular years leads to the formation of noble rot”. The harvest takes place in several stages throughout September.

The vinification is carried out starting from the second half of September when the grapes are perfectly ripe, and then they are gently pressed and the must is separated with soft lung presses. The wine ferments for several days in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature which is then followed by the assembly and a further period of refinement in the bottle.

Heos is presented in the glass with a not too deep straw yellow color. The nose releases a beautiful floral and fruity bouquet, with strong notes of orange blossom, white peach and pink. In the mouth it is smooth, slender and drinkable, with a fresh and savory sip, with a lively persistence and a dry and citrusy finish.

Pairing: perfect to combine with fried fish, marinated anchovies or even a nice spaghetti with clams.

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