IMMENSUM Salice Salentino DOP Reserve, pure Negroamaro, is a red wine produced by Candido, a company based in San Donaci (Brindisi_Puglia) and Guagnano (Lecce_Puglia).

Vinification is carried out after manual harvesting of the grapes. The destemmed grapes macerate for a long time, constantly immersed in the must and the fermentation, induced by selected yeasts, is subjected to rigorous temperature control. The new wine ages in small wooden barrels for about eight months.

It has a red color with very intense shade and is enriched with violet reflections. It is a new style wine, with ample and intense aromas, with hints of plum, blackberry and cherry, perfectly linked with the scent of spices. Its tannins are delicate, in an opulent and oily structure, and in the mouth, it releases strong flavours linked to its youth.

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