Imperatrice is the family name of the owners of Masseria Mita, an organic farm located in Crispiano at the foot of the Murgia Tarantina, in a landscape of great beauty, thanks to the presence and scent of the Mediterranean scrub in the plain of Manduria. This wine is the result of decades of work that has allowed us to cultivate about ten hectares of vineyards in organic farming, all owned by the family. Imperatrice is a blend of Primitivo grapes, the symbol of Manduria with another main blend of Salento, namely Negroamaro. Together these two vines know how to marry and perfectly compensate each other the first with unique aromas and structure and the second with a royal balance and exceptional tannins.

The harvest takes place in the first ten days of September for the primitivo grapes and in the third ten days of September for the negroamaro grapes. Once the grapes are harvested manually, they are selected and then vinified separately given the different harvest period. All the vinification operations such as maceration and fermentation are carried out at a controlled temperature. Finally the wine is assembled and aged for 12 months in French oak barrels. A further year of bottle aging follows.

The wine is presented in the glass with an intense ruby ​​red color with slight violet reflections. The nose is powerful but not excessive, of strawberry, red cherry jam that intertwines with a pleasantly spicy note of pepper and carnation flowers. In the mouth it is succulent, enveloping, persistent and warm. The negroamaro gives it an enviable length and mitigates any very slight hints of bite of the primitivo, giving it an incredible balance.

Pairings: Ideal to accompany fatty and succulent roasts of red meats, but also pork preparations with sauces and sauces. It can also accompany medium-aged sheep cheeses.

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