Krikò is the Passito wine produced by Cantina Paolo Leo starting from primitive grapes. The technique of drying the grapes probably began in Greece several centuries ago and it is known that in Greece the production of dessert wines was very widespread, so that in Italy the sweet wines were called Greek par excellence and the drying was obtained in plan, by twisting the peduncle. The Greeks were the first to bring this winemaking technique to Salento.

The grapes used for the production of this passito wine come from plants cultivated with the traditional Salento Alberello system in vineyards cultivated in the countryside of Francavilla Fontana.

The harvest takes place between the end of August and the first decade of September, when the grapes and more particularly the tannins of the peel have reached the right degree of ripeness and sweetness. The grapes are harvested in 5 kg crates and are taken to a room called “fruttaio” where temperature and humidity are controlled to help the loss of water from the grapes. After the drying period, the grapes are destemmed and slowly fermented in steel at a controlled temperature of 25 ° C for about 30 days, during which daily punching and delestage are performed to extract from the skins the color, tannins and aromas. Fermentation ends before completely consuming the sugars and after 10-15 days the wine is drawn off with a soft press.

Krikò has an intense and deep ruby ​​red color with light purple shades; fruity aroma of cherry and blueberry in alcohol; in the mouth it is full and balanced.


Chocolate, blue cheeses, dry almond pastry.

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