The Morella company aims to enhance its vineyards of “ancient saplings”, to obtain a raw material of absolute concentration. The series of white labels is made up of wines made from the best vineyards, the oldest and with a particular character. The result is Old Vines, Primitivo in purity of superior rank, obtained from the selection of the best grapes of the vineyard over 75 years old to which a new La Signora cru is added today, expression of an elegant style and at the same time representative of the typicality of the Primitivo.

La Signora is a primitive wine obtained from grapes grown in a vineyard located between Manduria and the sea, in an area of ​​”red earth” on a calcium substrate drained with the Apulian sapling technique. The average age of the vineyard is about 55 years and the final yield obtained is about 35 ql per hectare. The manual harvest is carried out with small wooden crates in the first ten days of September. The fermentation takes place in small wooden vats with manual punching down at a controlled temperature of about 28 C. The pressing of the must is carried out in a very soft way with a traditional manual press. Once drawn off, the wine matures in Allier oak barriques for 12 months and then continues its refinement for at least 24 months in the bottle.

La Signora appears in the glass with a deep ruby ​​red color, impenetrable and with very light violet reflections. The intense, typical nose with red fruits such as cherries without hints of over-ripening. Hints of balsamic, mint and clove. Powerful in the mouth, equally typical. Very elegant spiciness. Alcohol present and important but not disturbing. Hints of chocolate in the olfactory back. Sculptural and at the same time bewitching wine.

Pairing: Tasty grilled meats, roasts, cold cuts and long and medium-aged cheeses.

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