MALASSISO Copertino DOP Reserve is a sumptuous red wine, an expression of the tradition and wine-making knowledge of southern Salento. Produced by the Marulli Winery in Copertino (Lecce_Puglia/Italy).

This wine takes its name from the ancient gate of the city walls of Copertino called “Porta Malassiso”. Unique of its kind, this wine brings back to its former glory a glorious PDO, that of Copertino, giving it new life with a reserve of exceptional quality. Only the best grapes produced in the most suitable vintages will constitute the essence of this wine which, we are sure, will become a cornerstone of Salentine enology. Therefore the quality of the grapes is exceptional. Those of Negroamaro from Apulian sapling plants between 40 and 80 years old. The remaining part of the grapes, about 30%, comes from the only vineyards cultivated in Montepulciano still present in the area of ​​Copertino, an area suited for this vine and now in disuse.

MALASSISO Copertino DOP Reserve is a wine with a strong character. Produced for the first time with grapes from the 2015 harvest, one of the best vintages for South Salento and Negroamaro. The wine expresses itself with an uncommon elegance and power. Cleverly balanced by a part of Montepulciano that further enhances its color and structure and manages to perfectly dampen the tannic edges of the pure Negroamaro. It is aged for 1 year in underground cement tanks, for another year in medium-toasted oak barriques. Finally finishes its ageing for another year in the bottle.

Malassiso is a wine that amazes the nose and warms the heart and the mouth. A wine that can be considered absolutely unique in the panorama of wine production in Salento and throughout Italy.


It is a wine that goes perfectly with first courses, roasts, grills, stewed meats and aged cheeses.

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