Marì is an Organic Rosé wine produced by Masseria Mita from a Negroamaro grapes grown in the countryside of Crispiano in the Manduria area, in the province of Taranto. The training system of the vineyards is espalier. The sustained number of plants per hectare allows us to limit the quantity of clusters per vine and obtain the maximum nourishment of the root system, facilitate air circulation, promote maximum insolation of the foliage, and also allow the optimization of mechanical processing. and the right vegetative balance between plants.

This negroamaro rosè is produced from organically grown grapes in application of Reg. EEC 2092/91 Controlled by ICEA, harvested in the first week of September. After the destemming, a short cryomaceration takes place followed by a soft pressing with which only the so-called flower must is collected, that is the most precious and fragrant part of the crushed grapes. After the fermentation at a controlled temperature follows a refinement of a few months in steel.

Marì negroamaro rosato has a pale pink color tending to purple, the nose has intense hints of fresh fruit and Mediterranean flowers, while in the mouth it is fresh, dry, clean and balanced.

Pairings: Perfect as an aperitif, it goes perfectly with any meal with a menu based on Mediterranean fish.

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