Masserei is a wine produced from Negroamaro grapes that are hand-picked and gently placed in small ventilated boxes to preserve their integrity. In the cellar they are then further selected on a modern sorting table to guarantee the use of only the best bunches. Maturation takes place in steel at a controlled temperature.

The wine presents a captivating shade that opens the way to a hail of flowers and red fruits ready and crunchy that invades the nose with a curious dynamism.

The taste is presented with a casual sip, pleasantly fresh, expands that fruitfulness by marking the steps of a slow walk in the memories that caress the palate refreshed by breaths imbued with a savory air, the quintessence of a land jealously embraced by two seas. A young and sincere wine that does not engage the soul, but quenches its thirst.

Weight1.3 kg

Dalla stessa Cantina

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