Metiusco: from the grico “I get intoxicated”, is the ancient rosé, vinified by the Salasso method, which allows only 30% of the worked grapes to be used. It was the wine of consecration, thanks to it the company was able to complete its growth process, giving itself to important awards for many of its wines. Furthermore, Metiusco Rosato is considered by many to be one of the greatest expressions of the Rosato in Salento from Negroamaro grapes.

The wine is produced with the classic Lacrima method with bloodletting during the first hours of red wine making of Negroamaro grapes.

The color of Metiusco Rosato is cherry pink, bright and clear. On the nose the notes are very intense, black cherry, cherry and strawberry, along with hints of citrus and then floral. In the mouth it is soft, of great balance, thanks to the acidity that dampens the alcohol degree. Fruity and bitter on the finish.

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