MOROS Salice Salentino DOP is an extraordinary red wine produced by Claudio Quarta winemaker. This award-winning Salice Salentino is made with Negroamaro and Black Malvasia grapes.

The grapes come from the soil with a predominantly clayey presence with the presence of limestone, which extends for just over one hectare (ha. 1.33) in the fief of Guagnano.

In the last ten days of September, the harvest takes place with a manual harvest followed by a selection of the best grapes. The yield is around 60 q.l / ha. The wine obtained through a quick destemming then follows a fermentation which is started with selected yeasts in 50 and 100 hectolitre steel containers and conducted for about 3 weeks under constant temperature control at 21-23 degrees. Frequent re-assembly takes place during the process. Finally, the vinification ends with aging in steel and wood, in barrels and French and American oak barrels for about 16-18 months. MOROS is assembled 3 months before bottling and aged for 4 months in the bottle before being marketed.

MOROS Salice Salentino DOP has an intense, deep red color with amaranth reflections. Its particularly captivating aroma has strong notes of vanilla and cherry jam. On the palate, the flavor of red berries is marked with fine balsamic notes and sweet nuances coming from the wood.

Weight 1.3 kg


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