Mr. Salice Salice Salentino DOP is a wine produced by Francesco Taurino (Guagnano_Puglia).

Mr. Salice is the Salice Salentino with a capital S produced by Francesco Taurino in Guagnano, one of the historically most important municipalities in the production of Negroamaro throughout Puglia. The wine is made from Negroamaro and Malvasia Nera di Lecce grapes of about 30/40 years grown with the traditional Apulian sapling technique. The grapes are harvested from the third week of September with exclusively manual harvesting carried out in the early hours of dawn. The vinification takes place at controlled temperature with a maceration of about 7/9 days. The wine ages for 2 years in steel and is finally bottled and is ready for consumption already after 3/4 months even if it can continue to refine in the bottle for at least 6/8 years.

Mr. Salice is a counter-current wine, a wine that does not indulge in the classic softness and excess of sugary residue. This is a real wine, as Negroamaro commands. A wine that envelops the palate with a fresh and acid note that awakens all the taste buds. Its aroma is intense, rich, complex, the result of the aromaticity of black malvasia. A boquet that definitely gives ripe fruit, cherries in alcohol and many of the classic hints of Malvasia, but with a truly bursting force without losing elegance. The wine in the mouth is certainly balanced with a very light hint of acid notes that tickle and tickle the palate but above all it affects the infinite persistence even if the body and structure are not excessive.

Definitely a wine to drink and ribere accompanied by roasted meat or even cured meats and cheeses.

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