NAUNA is a great red wine produced by Schola Sarmenti with a blend of Negroamaro and Primitivo grapes. The grapes come from vineyards with Apulian saplings of 50/60 years, hand-picked and gently placed in small ventilated boxes to preserve their integrity. A modern sorting table allows further sorting in the cellar. Once the winemaking phase is complete, the assembly follows. Maturation and refinement for 9 months in French oak tonneaux, medium toasting. Finally, 10 months of further ageing in the bottle.

NAUNA offers a riot of perfumes that envelop the nose. From the balsamic embrace, impetuous hints of ripe fruit are released, slowly slipping into an intense finish of chocolate and tobacco. A ripe sip with smoky notes surprises the palate and imprints the fine and delicate texture of a wine endowed with incredible persistence, followed by a sovereign tone marked by gentle and harmonious tannins with a balanced and timeless finish.


Important dishes of Salento land cuisine.

Weight1.3 kg


Dalla stessa Cantina

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