The Negroamaro IGP of the Petrelli Winery is produced exclusively from Negroamaro grapes harvested by hand at the end of September at the owned vines grown on the land located on the estate adjacent to the farm. The lands exposed on the north / south slope are of medium clayey argillaceous nature and are located in the area near Carmiano in the province of Lecce called “della Chiusa”.

The grapes are then processed by soft pressing and alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature in stainless steel vats. After the fermentation processes the wine rests for 4 months in steel and finally finishes its aging directly in the bottle.

The Negroamaro Petrelli is a sincere wine, without frills, which manages to express the true character of the vine. A negroamaro with a great acid note and a lot of freshness, perhaps far from the canons of commercial winemaking that reduces all the vines to a unique type of taste and flavor. A wine certainly not binding, but that surely can be one of the best products in circulation in Italy in relation to its price. A wine to be discovered and tasted with cured meats and medium-aged cheeses, but above all knows how to accompany the savory vegetable-based dishes of the Salento tradition, such as fava beans and chicory, orecchiette with turnips, and ciceri e tria.

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