NEGROAMARO red wine produced by the Santi Dimitri winery located in Galatina (Lecce_Puglia).

It is produced using grapes from the land between the agro di Cutrofiano and that of Galatina. The cultivation soils have a clay-sandy structure. In the vines, the training technique is the spurred cordon technique. The density of the plants is around 4000 / ha and the yield is around 8500 kg/ha. Harvesting takes place in the first hours of dawn in the third week of September. The vinification takes place with a maceration on the skins of 8 days followed by the fermentation phase carried out at about 26/27 ° C. The wine ages for a few months in steel and bottle before being placed on the market. Due to its typical characteristics of Salento’s Negroamaro, this wine lends itself to ageing for several years. In fact, it has a capacity for evolution that reaches even 10 years.

The NEGROAMARO of the Santi Dimitri farm presents all the characteristics of the typical Salento Negroamaro with a very intense ruby ​​red colour, a freshness, very pronounced acidity and body. Fragrances never intrusive and always elegant of ripe fruit and in the mouth an explosion of freshness and flavour and a great fruit with a slightly bitter finish that immediately makes you want another sip.

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