Nostrale is the name of this Negroamaro produced by the Unione Agricola Di Melissano. Its name derives from the dialectal term used by the Salento farmers to indicate the autochthonous black-berry grapes such as the Negroamaro. The grapes come from the suppliers that harvest it in the countryside around Melissano and it is processed with a classic fermentation in steel vats with long fermentative maceration followed by a malolactic fermentation. The wine matures in steel and glass.

If you are looking for balance, soft tannins, the warm and velvety pleasure that caresses your palate this is not the wine for you. But if you love the power of a vine like Negroamaro matured under the relentless sun of Salento, if you love feeling a strong and explosive sensation in your mouth, if you want a wine with a great personality then this wine is for you. A wine made on its own, a wine not built at the table, a sincere wine, with not rounded corners, which surely arouses true emotions.

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