Feudi di Gugnano is one of the most characteristic wineries in Salento. Founded in 2001 with the specific intent of saving the ancient Apulian sapling vines present in the Guagnano countryside from abandonment and uprooting. The area between Guagnano, San Donaci and Salice Salentino is known as “Terre del Negroamaro” and from the name it is clear that the main grape here is negroamaro.

In this offer you will find the maximum expression of the native vines of Salento such as Malvasia Nera used for the production of the famous Salice Salentino DOP, the Verdeca, a white grape variety characteristic of northern Salento. And then the classic Primitivo, a blend that has now become the most important in Puglia and all of southern Italy. Finally, the king of Salento, Negroamaro which with Feudi di Guagnano reaches its maximum expressiveness both in red and in the Salice Salentino rosato DOP version.

In this offer you can taste the best of Salento production at a terrific price !!


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