OPRA Nardò DOC Rosé of Schola Sarmenti is an extraordinary rosé wine D.O.C. The first rosé wine with traditional Lacrima processing obtained from plants with an Apulian sapling of Negroamaro 60 years grown in the countryside of Nardò.

OPRA is a sumptuous rosé, with all the power of Negroamaro and the freshness and acidity of a Salento rosé. The color is bright, bright with intense coral pink, pleasant to look at with incredible transparency but with a pastel note that already makes us foresee all its structure and power.

OPRA Nardò DOC Rosé has a good note of volatility on the nose, never excessive, measured as Negroamaro can give, but expresses a good bouquet of fresh flowers and ripe fruit. OPRA is a wine of great body, structured, intense, harmonious and balanced. If you are looking for body and substance of red wine, combined with the pleasantness and freshness of an OPRA rosé wine is the wine for you. A wine with a great character and temperament, the only one of its kind to be produced with such old plants. It will be a wine that will amaze and conquer you.

Weight 1.3 kg

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