ORION Primitivo IGP Salento is a red wine produced by Masseria Li Veli in Cellino San Marco (Brindisi_Puglia/Italy). Produced with the sole use of Primitivo grapes grown in the northern Salento area of Cellino San Marco.

The name of this wine refers to the Greek “Oros” which means border. The term indicates the fortified road near Masseria Li Veli which divided the Byzantine possessions in the Salento from the Longobards, called precisely “Greek’s limit”. ORION is a Primitivo vinified in purity, fresh, pleasant and at the same time full, soft and of good length. Harvest in the first week of September and vinification takes place at a controlled temperature. The wine is aged for 6 months in French oak barrels.

The colour of this Primitivo is a deep ruby red, the nose is intense with distinct varietal aromas. Red fruit emerges, ripe and pulpy, followed by spicy notes of cinnamon and mace. In the mouth, it is full, powerful, soft and very long, with a well-defined acidic line that makes it fresh and pleasant.


Red meats, game, fermented and seasoned cheeses.

Weight 1.3 kg

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