PASSAMANTE is a red wine, Salice Salentino produced from 100% Negroamaro grapes as the DOC disciplinary allows. The name of the PASSAMANTE derives from that of the homonymous forest that runs along the vineyards of Negroamaro to an Apulian bush of Masseria Li Veli. Its name has Latin origins and recalls that anciently lovers found shelter there from prying eyes.

The Mediterranean scrub that constitutes it, formed by pines, broom, holm oaks, carob, myrtle and juniper gives olfactory notes and aromatic characteristics that are pleasantly integrated with the organoleptic peculiarities of the wine. The harvest takes place in the third week of September with manual grape harvesting. After pigment removal, it maceration of more than a week after fermentation and a controlled temperature fermentation. PASSAMANTE wine is then aged for 9 months in French oak barrels.

PASSAMANTE has an intense and lively ruby ​​red colour. Intense aroma with marked sweet fruity notes, persistent, with hints of fresh and sugared fruit. Taste balanced, soft, velvety, fresh and fragrant, thanks to a pleasant acidity that gives it vigour and persistent taste.

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