Patricius is a wine produced by the Tenuta Marano winery starting from negromaro grapes produced in the Guagnano countryside at 45 m asl, from 35-year-old vines cultivated with Apulian sapling and espalier with 4,500 plants per hectare with a yield of 60 q. on hectare.

The manual harvest is carried out in the first week of October and the vinification, after destemming, proceeds with a maceration and fermentation in contact with the skins for 8-10 days, followed by a draining in a soft press with control of the temperature of the must at 25 ° C.

Patricius is a sumptuous, complex, rich, tannic wine. It is presented in the glass with a pale pink color with violet reflections. A wine that on the nose is absolutely adherent to what this grape generally expresses. Red fruits, lots of blackberry and cherry. In the mouth it is succulent, acid, cheerful. Lots of alcohol but well integrated into a really well-woven plot. Very long finish that immediately recalls another glass.

Pairings: suitable for grilled or barbecued red meats, important meat-based first courses and hard and semi-hard cheeses. Excellent to accompany roasted chestnuts.

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