PATRUNALE Private Collection Salento Rosso Primitivo Igp is perhaps the most important wine of Vinicola Palamà. The name derives from the dialect Patrune, and patrunale indicates that this is the landlord’s wine, the best wine that is kept at home, the one that was poured only on great occasions or to respected people. Patrunale is a wine with a limited edition of a few bottles a year, which was produced only in 2 vintages, 2012 and 2016, the only vintages that allowed to reach the concentration and sugar level necessary to obtain a wine of such thickness , structure and softness.

To obtain this wine, primitive grapes from ancient Apulian sapling vineyards are used with a yield that reaches around 70 quintals per hectare. The Patrunale then ages for more than a year in French oak barriques of third passage and then finishes its refinement in the bottle.

The wine is shown in the glass with a beautiful deep ruby ​​red color, lapped on the sides by purple lines. Generous wine and involving the olfactory approach: with a nose of black cherry, plum, blueberries, strawberry, raisins, undergrowth jam, figs, almonds, gerbera and Mediterranean scrub. It is also possible to find tertiaries of black pepper, cinnamon, licorice, tobacco, leather, menthol, cinchona and graphite. In the mouth enters an expansive, voluptuous, warm and very loaded sip. Great enveloping that at times becomes exuberant, complex, structured, material, austere and powerful. Glycerine, sapid and mineral vibrations. Amplitude of taste supported by remarkable finesse and by a perfectly smooth tannic texture and accompanied by a good residual acidity. Alcohol that enters delicately making this wine balanced and smooth overall. We are certainly in the presence of a champion, who knows how to communicate emotion and passion. A truly extraordinary wine that manages in one sip to tell all the warmth of the land and the Salento people.

Pairings: to be accompanied with traditional Salento agricultural dishes such as pork with chicory, with pieces of horse in sauce or with a mass of San Giuseppe.

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