PIROMAFO Negroamaro Salento IGP is an organic red wine from the Cantina Fiorentino di Galatina (Lecce_Puglia). Produced from 100% Negroamaro grapes grown in the countryside of Galatina. This wine has made the history of its old cellar or Valle dell’Asso and now continues to live thanks to the commitment of Pierantonio Fiorentino. The name derives from the Greek and means “that fights the fire”.

Piromàfo is the symbolic wine, representative of the viticulture of Salento with its vineyards that resist 6 months of almost complete drought every year. The resistance of the vines like Negroamaro and Primitivo is certainly due to the characteristics of the plants, to the breeding techniques but, above all, to the famous capacity of the calcareous clay soil on which they grow. This type of soil (with its unmistakable reddish colour) retains moisture deeply, allowing the root system of the vines to survive without rain.

Traditionally the red wine produced with Negroamaro grapes has always been one of the most important wines produced in this area. For the Salento culture, the vine par excellence used to produce the best red wines has always been Negroamaro. PIROMAFO is produced with grapes coming from vines grown on loose medium-textured soils. The training system is spurred cordon with a yield of 80 ql per hectare and a total production of about 10,000 bottles/year. The harvest of the Negroamaro grapes, in this case, is slightly late, giving the grapes a slight withering on the plant. Vinification is a vinification in red with maceration and a controlled temperature fermentation. The wine is then aged in large oak barrels for 12/18 months and finally concludes its ageing in the bottle.

PIROMAFO Negroamaro is a clear wine with an intense garnet colour. Whirling the glass shows (despite age) a good consistency. It has an intense and complex aroma, very fine. There are notes of cherry and black fruits such as blueberry and currant and then hints of calendula, aromatic herbs such as rosemary, notes of Mediterranean scrub. With the long ageing in the bottle, it develops toasted notes of cocoa bean, spicy, and brackish and candied orange notes. In the mouth, it is dry, warm and soft, quite fresh and tannic. It is a “robust” wine. On the palate, it is balanced, intense and persistent with fine quality. Overall it is quite harmonious.


Important second courses of meat such as game or game.

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